Assessment of the readiness, quality of care, and gender sensitivity of reproductive health services in public hospitals in Thailand

Siriwan Dr Grisurapong, Mahidol University

This study aims to assess the readiness, quality of care and gender-sensitivity of the reproductive health services in public hospitals in Thailand. Data have been collected from 4 provincial hospitals and 4 district hospitals in the North, Northeast, Central and South of Thailand. Methods to collect data included surveys, observations and mapping of the service delivery points, interviews providers and their clients towards their perception on quality of reproductive health services. The results demonstrated that hospitals fell in the range of high level of readiness in infrastructure, supplies and accessibility but low readiness in staff training, IEC materials and activities, and supervision. Male and female clients responded differently in clinic hours convenience and explanation beforehand and afterward as well as convenience to be examined by providers. The majority of quality indicators fell in a high level. Information given to clients was the only indicator fell in the low level.

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Presented in Session 180: Reproductive health programmes