Youth in Egypt: emerging new values and lifestyles

Laila Nawar, Cairo Demographic Center

The rapidly changing global environment, associated with new values, power of economic globalization and the communications revolutions are causing changes in youth attitudes and lifestyles. Drawing upon recent data collected in Egypt, this paper explores how young adults are balancing socio-economic and family situations and aspirations and their intentions for the future, including aspects of marriage, childbearing and adoption of new lifestyles. The paper also examines gender gap in opportunities, attitudes and aspirations in education, employment and areas mentioned above. Special focus is given to youth attitudes to participation of women in decision making, violence against women and value attached to issues related to raising and socialization of children. The paper uses both bivariate and multivariate methods and compares between never married males and females in the age range 18-29. It also highlights major policy and program implications. that may be used to develop premarital counselling programs in Egypt.

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Presented in Session 147: Gender and economics