A demographic analysis of the population of reproductive health care organizations in Senegal

Rachel Sullivan, University of California, Berkeley

The population of organizations in the reproductive health care field in Senegal serves as the analytical focus of this paper. Adapting the standard tools of demographic analysis, I examine how global and national factors, such as health paradigms, population policies, and fertility levels, have influenced the structure and dynamics of the Senegalese population of reproductive health care organizations. The data gathered for the analysis provide new and unique information on organizational activity in Senegal and make it possible to test hypotheses from organizational ecology. The analysis shows how policy at both the national and global level affects organizations at the country-level, which in turn impacts the types and quality of services provided to Senegalese women and men. By taking the perspective of a population of organizations, the analysis presented in this paper informs on the evolution of reproductive health care in Africa over the past 30 years.

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Presented in Session 180: Reproductive health programmes