Thursday, July 21 / 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM   •   Auditorium François 1er

Session 104:
Quality of care in reproductive health (1)

Chair: Ina Warriner, World Health Organization (WHO)
Discussant: Wendy Baldwin, University of Kentucky

  1. Introduction and provision of medical abortion: a tale of two countries, in which technology is necessary but not sufficientBeverly Winikoff, Gynuity Health Projects ; Danielle Hassoun, Centre de Formation aux Techniques de la Santé reproductive ; Hillary Bracken, Gynuity Health Projects

  2. How provider attitudes towards abortion can impact the quality of and access to abortion services: an assessment of IPPF/WHR provider knowledge, attitudes and practices in 6 Latin American and Caribbean countriesRasha Dabash, Gynuity Health Projects ; Melanie Peña, Gynuity Health Projects ; Rebecca Koladycz, International Planned Parenthood Federation ; Giselle Carino, International Planned Parenthood Federation ; Maria Consuelo Mejia, International Planned Parenthood Federation ; Victoria Ward, International Planned Parenthood Federation

  3. Evaluating client-provider interactions in a Pakistani reproductive health setting: quantitative vs. qualitative methodsSaumya Ramarao, Population Council ; Jacqueline Kim, Population Council ; Anrudh Jain, Population Council

  4. Completing the demographic transition in developing countries: what does quality have to do with it?Sarah Harbison, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

  5. Can improvements in client-provider interaction be sustained?Nahla Abdel-Tawab, Population Council

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