Saturday, July 23 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Salle Turgot

Session 161:
Fertility control in history

Chair: Myron P. Gutmann, University of Michigan

  1. Birth control in an era of natural fertility: the heritage of DioscoridesEtienne van de Walle, University of Pennsylvania

  2. Are deliberate birth spacing effects in fact statistical and bio-demographic artefacts? A critical study with data from the NetherlandsJan Van Bavel, Leuven University ; Jan Kok, International Institute of Social History

  3. Deliberate control in a natural fertility population: southern Sweden 1766-1865Tommy Bengtsson, Lund University ; Martin Dribe, Lund University

  4. Deliberate fertility control in late imperial China: spacing and stopping in the Qing Imperial LineageCameron D. Campbell, University of California, Los Angeles ; James Lee, University of Michigan

  5. Is the fertility transition also a ‘phase transition’? A closer look at historical evidence from the U.S. and IrelandPaul A. David, Stanford University ; Warren C. Sanderson, International Institute for Applied System Analysis

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