Wednesday, July 20 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Auditorium Pierre de Ronsard

Session 41:
Fertility decline: onset and stagnation

Chair: Eltigani Eltigani, Ministry of Planning

  1. The Kenya stallCharles Westoff, Princeton University ; Anne R. Cross, ORC Macro

  2. Fertility decline in Egypt: current obstacles, future prospectsJohn B. Casterline, Pennsylvania State University ; Laila El-Zeini, American University in Cairo

  3. The fertility transition in Ghana revisitedSamuel Agyei-Mensah, University of Ghana

  4. The causes of stalling fertility transitions in the developing worldJohn Bongaarts, Population Council

  5. The relationship between economic development and the timing and pace of fertility declineJohn Bryant, Mahidol University

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