Sexual behaviour and the value of partner virginity: a study of college-aged male Vietnamese students

Cuong M. La, San Francisco State University

This study examines the social and cultural connection between masculinity and virginity in Hanoi, Vietnam. Taking a qualitative research approach, I conducted 20 in-depth interviews and 4 focus group discussions with male and female students aged 19 to 24. This study shows that female virginity is a key cultural concern among young educated men and women. Traditionally, virginity is not only measured by an intact hymen, but is also demonstrated in the dignity, faith, and love of a woman. Today, sex before marriage becomes more accepted among young people, and it affects on men's perceptions and attitudes toward the value of virginity when they fall in love and enter their married life. However, many men do not accept their female partners if they practice premarital sex meanwhile men tend to do it widely.

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Presented in Session 110: Male fertility and sexual behaviour