Thursday, July 21 / 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM   •   Salle Deparcieux

Session 100:
Methodologies for data collection and analysis of gender relations

Chair: Elizabeth Thomson, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  1. Gains to marriage, relative resources, and divorce initiationLiana C. Sayer, Ohio State University ; Paula S. England, Stanford University ; Paul Allison, University of Pennsylvania

  2. Measurement models of women’s autonomy using the 1998/1999 India DHSJohn Sandberg, McGill University

  3. Measuring gender dynamics: the meaning of “joint” decisions in household surveysMichelle J. Hindin, Johns Hopkins University

  4. Gender-specific economic determinants of union dissolutionMatthijs Kalmijn, Tilburg University ; Anneke Loeve ; Dorien Manting, Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research

  5. Income transfers, intra-household resource allocation and marriage markets in rural MexicoGustavo J. Bobonis, University of Toronto

Other sessions on Gender, ethnicity, identity and culture